Hello! So I finally got around to making a new post after going shopping in Melbourne for the first time in aaages. Pretty good haul this time too. So many stores with lots to choose from or maybe it’s ’cause I haven’t really bought anything from a physical store in a while. I’ll slowly get around to taking proper photos for all of them. But for now I’ll just throw up a quick snap of my favourites….

Lace Crop Top: Mosquito Clothing
Leopard Print Skirt: Dotti
Platform Shoes: Dotti

I’m also going through a bit of a retro pinup phase lately so there’s going to be a lot leopard print, wiggle skirts and crop tops over the next few posts lol. That reminds me I still need to post my mini H&M haul from my last trip to China… But that can wait ;P

Until next time… <3



Hello! Just thought I’d throw in a quick post to say I’m still around, just been a little busy with real life and all that jazz. Also went to China over Christmas and New Years, that was interesting… anyways I won’t go in much detail with all that since it’s in the past now.

In other news, yesterday (for those of us here in Australia and similar timezones) it was Valentine’s Day. I hope you all were spoilt rotten by your significant others! ^^ For the first time I actually bothered to do something myself, even if it was just chill out in front of a TV with some cheesecake lol…

IMG_3274Doesn’t it look awesome?

IMG_3267And this was my outfit… skirts from eBay, and the top is from General Pants & Co’s Neon Hart collection

Well that’s all for now,

Until next time… <3

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. I was travelling around China so I didn’t really have access to internet. But I’ll leave that for another day or at least until I get some more photos of the trip off my sister. Now I’ve been seeing the whole Korean Gradient Lip trend popping up for a while now and have been meaning to give it a try myself.

First step, prep the face with foundation and concealer. Usually there’s some base/primer too but because it’s just for fun I skipped it and I also decided to dust off my old Dior Nude foundation and DiorSkin Forever pressed powder foundation.

Because I’ve tanned a bit while I was travelling, it’s considerably lighter than my skintone. Thankfully this was just for fun so I only did the front bit of my neck ^^;

For the lips I used Lip Gelee in Lust is Lush and Lipstick in Morange both by Mac. Unfortunately though, Mac have long discontinued their Lip Gelee range.

The colour is a little more orange than the photo but the filter I used and lighting makes it looks a bit pinky.

And the end result is…

Bad choice in eyelashes I know… they’re new too and I didn’t expect them to be so wispy and then the bottom ones didn’t match… then I couldn’t be bothered redoing my eyeliner so I just extended it and went with a dramatic Japanese Gyaru look… urgh disaster… ><

Now for a close up of the lips…

I had to keep smearing the foundation around the edges to keep the gradient effect because my lips are naturally quite pink. But overall I quite like the look ^^

Anyhoos, that’s all for now…

Until next time… <3

Hello! Today’s post is another product review regarding the Aloe Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner set by Herbalife.


I started looking into it because my hair is a little thin from being bullied into being blonde and bleached so often. Plus, my hair has always been quite thin and I wanted to try and beef it up a little. This Herbalife set was recommended by several bloggers and youtubers so naturally I thought why not give it a shot myself. I’ve been using it now for about over a month and I’ll be very honest, it’s pretty mediocre at best. Does it help prevent excessive hair loss? I’m not so sure… my hair is a little bit fuller than it was but not by a significant amount that is noticeable by touch or just looking at it. Also it’s not so great in the detangling department either and it’s not very moisturising unlike the Redken ones I was using prior to changing to the Herbalife set. Another drawback is its availability and price. Unlike other brands, which you can find and buy quite easily online or from a store, the Herbalife ones are only available online from third party distributors and it’s quite expensive. The price for one bottle is about $25 ~ $35 AUD including shipping fees. There are some websites that sell it as a bundle but it still falls within the $30 ~ $50 ballpark. Although it’s not significantly more expensive than what I’ve paid in the past, it just doesn’t quite deliver amazing results. Whereas Redken on the other hand, is expensive but always leaves my hair feeling and looking fantastic. I’m going to use it for a little to see how it goes, but as a suggestion I recommend using a very moisturising hair treatment with it or a detangling spray.

On other note, I went on a mini shopping expedition today and bought two pairs of the cutest pyjama bottoms ^^

IMG_1766The pink one is from Peter Alexander and the blue paisley one is from Cotton On Body. My boyfriend bought them for me so I’d stop stealing his lol They are both super comfy and surprisingly cost about the same as each other.

Okay well that’s all for now

Until next time… <3

Hello! Finally found some time to throw up a quick review about a BB cream by Skin79. It’s called the Chiffon BB Mousse and it comes in a little can like so…

Skin79Now I swear by Skin79’s Hot Pink BB Cream and I use it on a very regular basis. So when I saw they had a mousse version I thought, hey that might be awesome. Another reason I thought to give it a go is because Dior has a similar product called DiorSkin AirFlash Spray foundation, which is basically foundation in an aerosol spray can, and it is awesome. The only drawback is that it costs roughly $85 and thus, is not very wallet friendly. However, the Chiffon BB Mousse is not at all the same. First of all, from just one pump you get this…

Skin79test2Just from looking at it would appear to be more than enough and that’s what I thought until I put it on my face. Unlike the normal BB Cream, the Chiffon Mousse does not give as much coverage and that’s after I used that entire giant blob. On the plus side though, it stays on very well. I wore it for a whole day and other than around my nose it was still all there. So I guess you win some you lose some. It’s not the best product out there, but I’ve come across worse. If you have low maintenance skin then it should be fine. Just be careful when pushing down on the pump.

Anyhoos, that’s all for now (:

Look of the week

Untitled-1Makeup: Candy Doll Liquid Foundation, B&C Browlash EX Water Strong Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black, MAC Eyeshadows – Honey Lust & Club, MAC Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Blush
Eyelashes: Dollywink No. 2 & No 13
Contacts: Princess Mimi – Apple Green

And because I couldn’t resist…

Until next time… <3

Hello all, forgive the lack of original posts lately. I have been a little swamped with uni and other life matters recently and unfortunately the drought will continue for a while longer. Hopefully once things clear up I shall return with more things to blog about :)

IMG_1447New Years Eve Dress from Estina

Hello! Apologies for the long silence, got caught up with the whole Christmas, New Year and family thing. But now that I’ve had sometime to settle I thought I’d make a quick update.

So the biggest news is that there are two new family members.

Say hello to Muffins and Puddles!

Muffin-and-PuddlesMuffin-and-Puddles2 Arn’t they just the cutest things? : D Muffin is the Brown one and Puddles is the White Butterfly one. I think they’re Dwarf x Mini Lops, not entirely sure but that’s what they told us. Besides, who cares? They’re still undeniably adorable!

In other less exciting news, I bought a dress during the Boxing Day sales in hopes to wear it on New Years, but there was a change of plans so I ended up picking something a little more casual.

White-DressWhite-Dress-jewelsHopefully I’ll get another chance to wear it out soon, it’s much too beautiful to leave collecting dust in my cupboard.
Well that’s all I have for now, I’ll wrap up with a few more photos of my bunnies ^^


And that’s all, until next time… <3

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post, got caught up with other things such as Uni and my mom coming down to visit. Also I couldn’t think of anything worth blogging about, until this week after stumbling across a new little clothing boutique down in the basement of Melbourne Central. The shop’s called Estina and they mainly sell dresses and some accessorries from Korea. I’m not sure if the name is an homage to the Korean accessories brand J.Estina or if it’s just by coincident, but the clothes are really something worth taking a look at if you are into Asian fashion. The prices are a little high, but I’ve paid a lot more for much less. You can check out their Facebook, but there’s not much there yet.

Anyhoos, so after rummaging through all they had to offer, I finally settled on a very cute and very elegant beige dress with very beautiful detailing along the bust-line and sleeves.

I also received a pair of diamante chandelier earrings as a complimentary gift. Although I had a little trouble thinking of what else to pair it with, whether I should pick something with diamantes to match the earrings or something to match the dress. In the end I chose to go with a pearl necklace I had made for me last time I was in China and my old Longines watch that I got for my 18th birthday.

As for shoes, initially I thought just a pair of gold sandal heels would suffice but unfortunately mine didn’t quite match the colour of the dress. So on the weekend I had the pleasure of going shoe shopping. It took all day to find something that not only did I like but also agreed with my budget. But my patience and determination to find the perfect shoe paid off and I walked away with not one but two pairs of shoes for only $60.

Both of them are from the Windsor Smith store in the South Wharf DFO. There were tonnes of amazing shoes all around the same price and it was so hard to not just hand over my debit card and deplete my entire bank account. But I didn’t, I managed to refrain myself. Besides, I already have plenty of shoes.

Now a question, in terms of matching accessories and shoes, I opted for the safe option and stuck to similar neutral colours. But I was wondering what colours would go well with a Beige dress? Any suggestions?

Anyhoos, that’s all I have for now…

Until next time… <3

Look Of The Day

Long T-Shirt Dress: Kana, Yesstyle.com

Shoes: Steve Madden

Contact lenses: Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey
Top Lashes: Eyemazing 001
Bottom Lashes: Diamond Lash 09 Nude Eye

Hello! Today’s post is mainly about my hair. Not sure what compelled me, maybe it’s because I just had my re-growth re-dyed, but regardless, I feel like sharing a few tips and tricks that I know and just my overall experience being blonde.

Now if you’ve been following my blog or you actually know me in person, roughly around this time I started my transformation in becoming a blonde. I won’t go into too much detail over the process because I’ve already blogged about it before, so if you’d like to, feel free to go back and take a gander at my previous post.

These days I get my hair done professionally every two months or so at one of those super fancy Korean Salons. The one I go to is Sui, which has two Salons one on Russell St, the other in the 206 Bourke St mall. It costs around $200 each time but it includes toner and a haircut. More importantly they get it right every time so I don’t have to fear for my hair.

In terms of treatments, I know I’m supposed to go for a salon treatment every so often, but to be really honest I don’t feel it does all that much to help. Unless I’m meant to go every week but I’m not Paris Hilton and I can’t afford the time or the expenses. Also my hair is pretty tough and can take quite a beating, so despite it resembling something like tumbleweed at the moment thanks to all the bleach and toner, some spray-in moisture treatment usually does the trick and after two weeks it’s back to manageable.

The one I use is the All Soft Supple Touch by Redken.
I use it once a day and it costs about $19 ~ 21 a bottle but it is worth it and I’m lazy and cheap when it comes to these kind of things.

In addition to that I use an Anti-Snap Treatment, which helps stop my hair from breaking as much when I try to brush it.
This I use probably every second day for the first week after re-dying my hair, then I drop down to maybe once a week. It costs about $28 retail or maybe a little less depending where you buy it from.

On occasion, whenever I find the time or I feel my hair is having one of those days, I use a mask also by Redken.
I really don’t use this one all that often, maybe once every two/three weeks. It just helps to soften and moisturise my hair.

As for shampoos and conditioners, if you invest in good treatments, then this is where you can skimp a little. I usually just pick anything that says moisturising. I do recommend though, to stay away from grocery store shampoos just `cause they’re not all that great, but if you really are on a tight budget the one I recommend is the L’Oreal Elvive ones, they’re not too bad.

From everything I’ve just said, it sounds as though being blonde is a wallet drainer and really time consuming but in comparison to when I had red hair, it’s definitely not as bad. It cost me the same amount to re-dye my red hair at the salon, and I would have to do my whole hair not just my regrowth because the colour fades so fast, which in the end is just as damaging as bleaching it once in a while.

Anyhoos… I think I’ll wrap it up now.

Picture of me just after coming home from the salon

And that’s all for now,

Until Next Time… <3

Outfit Of The Day

Hello! And so it was my birthday last Friday and I’d like to thank all the people who cleared their schedules to see me for a couple of hours, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I don’t actually have any photos because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered… lol… No seriously, I hate having my photo taken anyway unless I’m the one in control of the camera.

The next day I took a road trip with my significant other down to Port Campbell,  which is just a little bit off the Great Ocean Road. For once the weather was actually half decent, still a little cold but at least it wasn’t raining and there were moments of sunshine, so I went a little nuts with the instagram.

I’m surprised my car made it all the way without chucking a hissy fit of some sort. The radio/system kicked the bucket on the way back though… should get that fixed soon.

Anyhoos that’s all for now,

Until next time… <3


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